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Mortgages @ La Manga Club Resort

Do you require a Spanish mortgage as a non Spanish resident in order to help finance your proposed property purchase at La Manga Club Resort? Via our established and regulated mortgage broker in Spain, we offer a great selection of totally independent mortgages in several languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, English, Polish and Danish.

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This could save you a considerable sum of money plus valuable time!! Don’t delay, contact us today and let us help you buy your dream property at La Manga Club Resort. Holiday home mortgages are generally for non-resident property buyers who do not live in Spain The maximum borrowing amount is up to 70% of the property purchase price (or valuation if lower).

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Our mortgage broker is fully regulated by the BANK OF SPAIN Company registered in the BoS’s Register of Real Estate Credits Intermediaries under number D108.

Currency Exchange €’s


FACT: If your home country is outside of the euro zone, the final price you  pay for your property at La Manga Club will be directly linked to the exchange rate you purchase your Euros – € ‘s We can significantly help you to reduce your buying costs. Once you have decided to purchase a property at La Manga Club Resort, you may have to arrange currency exchange into Euros.

We offer very competitive and secure currency exchange rates through our registered currency broker to include, Euro, Scandinavian Krona / Krone, Swiss Francs, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Brazilian Real, South African Rand plus many more worldwide currencies.

Our currency exchange partner works closely with clients daily, in order to help them exchange and securely transfer funds internationally, for large or regular amounts. Safe & secure service. Fully registered and regulated.

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If you would prefer for one of our currency exchange account managers to call you direct and discuss your requirements in person, please complete you details below.

EU and non – EU European countries that do and do not use the euro € 
Country Use the Euro? Currency
Andora Yes Euro
Austria Yes Euro
Belgium Yes Euro
Bulgaria No Lev
Croatia No Croatian Kuna
Cyprus Yes Euro
Czech No Republic Koruna
Denmark No Kroner
Estonia Yes Euro
Finland Yes Euro
France Yes Euro
Germany Yes Euro
Greece Yes Euro
Hungary No Forint
Iceland No Krona
Ireland Yes Euro
Italy Yes Euro
Latvia Yes Euro
Liechtenstein No Swiss Franc
Luxembourg Yes Euro
Malta Yes Euro
Monaco Yes Euro
Netherlands Yes Euro
Norway No Norwegian Krone
Poland No Zloty
Portugal Yes Euro
Russia No Russian Ruble
San Marino Yes Euro
Spain Yes Euro
Sweden No Krona
Switzerland No Franc
United Kingdom No Pound